Monday, August 4, 2008

McGraw-Hill Natural Remedies For Teachers

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TeacherCalm Natural Remedies

Welcome Stressed-Out Teachers! You've come to the right place, McGraw-Hill Natural Remedies.

At McGraw-Hill, we realize a great deal is being asked of our nation's public school teachers. On behalf of and in support of your heroic efforts to prepare all children for their roles in the global economy, we offer you TeacherCalm Natural Remedies, herbal and homeopathic aids to temporarily calm and soothe the varied emotional stresses brought about by the heavy demands of high-stakes testing.

StressSoothe $57.95

Temporarily calms the agitation and frayed nerves that may accompany the demands of ensuring that all children will be average or above on standardized tests by 2014.

MelancholoyLift $75.95

Relieves sadness and melancholy for teachers with a highly sensitive nature, who find it difficult to witness the impact of poverty and other societal ills on millions of America's children. Also temporarily acts to allay teacher fears that these children are not being lifted up by high-stakes testing.

MoodBalance $57.95

Helps angry teachers who overreact to being held accountable to deescalate, stabilizes mood swings. Reduces stress-induced paranoia.

TeacherCalm Natural Remedies offer the finest in herbal/homeopathic standardization, guaranteeing highly effective relief. All of our products are the result of rigorous, scientifically-based research and are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards by highly qualified homeopaths.

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Note: This ad is crossposted at Susan has received a product testimonial from a satisfied teacher:
Oh, my, yes! I've tried them all, and these remedies are terrific. I only caution against using all three at the same time, for, when I did, I found myself on the floor of the state board of education, biting the ankles of every person who gave the state of Georgia the nightmare that is Reading First.Tweedle-Dee from Atlanta,Cindy Lute

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