Sunday, June 7, 2009

Deconstructing Arne Duncan Quote

Is it just me? The following Arne Duncan quote has troubled me for some time but I've never said anything. Check out Duncan's placement of priorities here (bold highlights mine):

“Hungry children are distracted children. We want to make sure
nothing gets in the way of our children performing well academically, including hunger.” 

Hungry children should be fed because they are hungry. Period.  

That children's academic performance will improve when their most basic, fundamental life needs are met is truly secondary. NOT unimportant, but secondary.


caroline said...

Yes, but if they're hungry and are doing well on standardized tests anyway, why should we waste perfectly good food on them? They obviously don't need it.

jastanto said...


I hope you are just being funny. I hope that Duncan just spoke out of context here and he was tired. I think this is how most technocrats feel though. They believe that the only reason you should feed or clothe a hungry child is so their test scores will dramatically increase and schools will make AYP.