Thursday, July 10, 2008

Anti-Public School Soap Opera Digest - Part 1

As the World Turns
As the Secretary Spins:

Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings (see photo here), spins and distorts the truth about the most recent Department of Education findings, which showed (yet again) that students who received taxpayer funds to attend private schools in Washington D.C. did no better in reading and math tests than their peers in the DC public schools. Find her spin on the findings here, where she claims, "Better schools. Higher scores. And satisfied parents".

Staff at This Little Blog ask readers of Maggie's spin (linked above) to note the sudden shifting of metrics for success when private schools do not produce superior test results.

One of the hallmarks of propaganda is that those who disseminate it attribute to others the behaviors they themselves make a practice of:

We, too, must place student welfare above personal ideology.

This little blogger says it takes gall for Corporate Maggie to speak of "placing student welfare above personal ideology" when she and her corporate-serving ilk are the very embodiment of such behavior.

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